There are 8 cheats in the cheats tab of the Call of Duty: Bo 2game. Our team has put a lot of effort into creating the cheats. Some cheats are unique while others are standard FPS cheats. Initially, our team use these cheats to carry out testing on the various aspects of the game including fighting, weapons and skills. Prior to the launch of the game, they locked the cheats and there is no way to unlock those cheats afterward. Because of this, our team have reached the conclusion to design a cheat that enable players to use the cheats.. Our cheats software will make some modifications on the game code to make it easier for players to use them. Below are some of the cheats you will find in the cheats tab of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.



  1. Super speed – increase the speed by two times and give you unlimited sprint
  2. Low gravity – you can use this feature during a match
  3. Telephone – the leading cheats in the software
  4. Radar Hack – offer the same functions just as wall hack without getting rid of the textures
  5. exploding gun shots – this cheat works well in close quarters
  6. wall hack – this feature is more powerful compared to radar hack
  7. auto shoot – you can use this feature to let the computer automatically open fire on the enemies
  8. No recoil – you can use this feature with weapons that are not so accurate.
  9. Unlimited Health – Unlimited Health prevents you from dying in the game


There are also other tabs in the cheats software such as prestige hack.


Guide to Using the Cheats Tab in Call of Duty: Bo 2Multihack Tool


It is very easy to use the cheats tab to apply cheats onto the game. The interface of the cheats tab is straightforward and easy to use. You have the option of using one cheat or more than one cheats. To use the cheats, you need to tick the boxes next to the cheats. Once you have ticked all the cheats you want to apply onto the game, you can click on the Add cheats button at the bottom. The cheats will be successfully applied onto the game as soon as the green loading bar reach to the full and see the Cheats successfully added message. Now, you can quit the Cheats tab and launch the game. The cheats can be activated or deactivated at anytime by using a command. You can also make changes to the cheats by using commands.


How to Prevent Getting Banned When Using the Cheats Tab in Call of Duty: Bo 2Multihack Tool


If you want to apply the cheats safely onto the game, you need to learn how to use the Connects tab properly. When you use the cheats tab, the game code will be overwritten. Therefore, it is advised that you turn on Safe mode. If you don’t want to turn on Safe Mode, you should disable the connection to the game server. You don’t have to use the proxy feature although it is recommended that you turn on this option. There are a number of cheats are will be more easily noticed in the game compared to other cheats. You should avoid using these types of cheats in places where there are other players as they can do a screenshot and report you. The game moderator will carry out an investigation on your account and ban you if they found that the report is true. As a safety precaution, you should not use cheats in a way that other people can easily identify. You should use the low gravity and teleport options in places where there are no player seeing you. You don’t have to turn on the wall hack and never die mode. Dying a few times in the game will prevent other players from thinking that you are cheating. Following the above advice ensures that the cheats you apply onto the game will work efficiently without causing any trouble to your game account.


What Types of Unlocks are in Black ops 2

You can unlock many different stuff through the unlock tab in the Black ops 2. We have list some of the unlock able in the unlocks tab before explaining how to use them in detailed. Some of the different categories of unlock able include All weapons, 2D Radar, Golden Clan Tag, and All Camos.



Using the Unlock Tab in Call of Duty: Black ops

The Unlock Tab in the Call of Duty: Black ops offers a neat interface that allows you to easily access all the features you need. As you can see, here are nine unlockables in the Unlock tab. You just have to check the check boxes next to the unlockables. It is up to you to unlock one or more unlockable. You must click on the Unlock button after you checking all the unlockables. You can quit the unlock tab as soon as the green bar to reach full and you see the Successfully unlock message on the screen. For some of the unlockables, they will be instantly unlocked when you see the successfully unlock message. There are some unlockables which requires you to specify the type of features you want to unlock in the game. Some unlockables have some requirements to meet such as prestige. For instance, you must use the Prestige Hack tab to increase your prestige level prior to unlocking the prestige emblems. We have designed this procedure as an added layer of protection against the security software on the game server. It ensures that our hacks will work efficiently on the server. If the unlockable does not have any requirement, you can easily unlock it without using other tabs first.


How To Prevent Getting Detected when Using Unlocks Tab in Call of Duty: Black ops Cheats Software


We advised players who want to use the unlocks tab in the COD bo 2 mod menu tool to turn on the Safe Mode via the Connects tab because it will attempt to modify the game codes when the cheats are applied onto the game. Turning on Safe mode will prevent the game server from recognizing any changes in the game code. This enables you to connect to the game server without getting banned by the moderator. You don’t have to turn on the Use proxy option when using the unlocks tab. It is not recommended that you use Fast mode as it can suddenly cut off the connection to the game server. If you use the unlock tabs at least two times consecutively, you are advised to relaunch the game and COD Black ops cheats tool. You can be assured that the cheats will be safely added onto the game if you do what we say.